Our Society

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “the true measure of any society is found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”. This was the phrase that caught my attention in an article titled ” the uncommon beggar” written by a role model of mine, ‘Kunle Adebajo.

The context of the write was what inspired me to create a hand made comic titled “Our Society”. No paints, no graphics, just illustrations.

Our Society was further fuelled by #CYPANessay contest. It serves as my peace project for the #round2 of the competition.

For the past four days, I published each page on my Facebook and Instagram handles without its communication for the audience to comment on what they understand from it with respect to what happens in #OurSociety. I have created a PDF containing the full comic with its communications.

Click here to download a copy.
Till next time, stay blessed.