This write up is the edited documentation of a speech I delivered at Armoury of Words in November 2016.

When I was young, I witnessed the construction of a house. From it’s foundation all the way to the top. At completion, it was a masterpiece and this master piece was spectacular as it added to the beauty of our shabby slum. But on a fateful day came Clifford who claimed to have donated the man power that built the house. Musa also came and claimed that he donated the building materials. Even Agbabiaka said his ancestors owned the land that the house was built upon. So the tussle for the ownership of this property began with no solution till today.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the tale of Nigeria. So, every concerned and patriotic citizen carry his own burden and ask the multi-million-dollar question: should the once amalgamated territories be de-amalgamated? Could secession be the long time solution and the way forward for Nigeria?

For the purpose of clarity, the English dictionary defines secession as the act of splitting or withdrawing from membership of a union or alliance.

The year 1914 witnessed the holy matrimony between the sandy oceans of the north and the fertile winds of the south. But as time passed, we heard grumbling voices and saw ugly worms behind closed doors. For this reason, Late General Odumegwu Ojukwu took to the court of reality to file for a divorce. And just as Benjamin Franklin had prophesized that “you can kill a man, but can never kill an idea”, the infamous Nnamdi Kanu came to show all that Ojukwu may have died but his ideology lives on. So once again our Nigerian attire is lit with Biafran fire. The over 3 million citizens who died in the civil war now voice out from the great beyond making a clarion call to secession.

But that is not all, because the Biafran nation is not the only motion moved by the hot topic of secession. Lately, some Yoruba leaders are also seeking regional autonomy and the right to secede at will. According to the Vanguard on the 6th of June, 2014, an undisclosed personality said, “it was a 100 years of forced marriage that is clearly not working. If the Oduduwa republic is not freely given to us, we shall take it by force, by shedding of blood and by our own bleeding if necessary.”

Fellow Nigerians, we already have the Niger Delta Avengers ravaging the south like scavengers and Boko Haram daily causing harm to innocent citizens. Before other groups spring up a bloody, brooding, and badly wounding revolution, I think it is time for the giant of Africa to secede.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems many of us still do not see a clear picture of the benefits of secession. Well, it will arouse your interest to know that according to the eleventh edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, the second largest economy of the world, China, gained their status after being a product of secession. Canada, where many Nigerians run to for greener pastures, attained their status after secession. You see, secession is not such a bad prospect. In fact, talking of a Nigeria whose international image has been defaced, by going our separate ways we can reshape the face of our Individual image. For this reason, I think secession can be the way.

However, I have always wondered why God gave me two eyes and ears. Perhaps, he wants me to see the two sides of situations and hear out both sides of a story. Well, I have exercised that gift and my lips shall dance to the tune of my conviction.

To be continued.