Myself selfied

myself selfiedI am young
zealous than most punk
a rhythm song hymed upon
that my heart beats and sung

I am old
skin-phased as a toad
my wrinkles, my gold
so, a potrait told

I am strong
not on six-packed lump
albeit, my opium worn
as faith garment never to be torn

I am weak
in times when pathogens seek
as immune as my ecto-physice
still, i fall sick

I am muslim
waned from worldly whim
strayed against devil’s team
Islamed to beam

I am dying
as years are counting
and nomenclatures changing
for death is waiting

I am twenty-two
aging, every July 2
year nineteen-ninty-two plus two (1994)
may Allah se me through

I am the words written
scribbled to discribe me
the one and only
mujeeb in nature’s selfie


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