DREADED: the argument


This is a continuation of the earlier conversation. But this time, it is between the counsel and the defendant in the court of a man’s immagination; mine.

Dearth of health arises
with the evolution of its vices
Both young and old die in masses
with their loved ones left with heart bruises

Me lord
shall we allow the continuation of its studs
Why do we keep silent as it pull its stunts?
More and more will be harmed as long as it lurks

So, put an end to it
and the light of peace will once more be lit
Temper justice for Lassa not even with mercy a bit
but the sword of the law shall be just and fit

Your honour
listen not to the tales of horror
He has come to paint pictures of illusion colours
and basterdize my goodwill, fame and valour

Is it not a natural occurence
when the almighty takes away the heart current
Why blame it on my killing oppulence
when you are not innocuous, albeit senseless

If I am put to an end
then stalled is the (rat) poison sellers means and ends
As dreaded as my defence, I am his means to an end
On this note i rest my case

To be concluded in the verdict. Anticipate!