Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal: make cities, human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable part 2

sdg 2First, public programmes on the best ways to maintain an hygenic
environment should be organized as often as possible. People should be abreast with the necessary information on environment, how it should be kept and maintained. The mandatory environmental sanitation organized by the Lagos state government is a good example. On every last saturday of each month, all dwellers of the metropolis drain their culverts and gutters of dirt, clean their homes and surroundings massively. This is a good step towards ensuring a ressilient human settlement. Other steps such as creating agencies that will concentrate on enforcing proper sanitation laws and putting offenders on public service punishment should be put in place.

Most houses are built by private individuals which are of low quality. Each state government administration should embark on massive housing scheme and set quality targets for those who wish to build thier homes privately. As individuals are monitored, so should be private companies,
espesially those that specialize on construction works. Licenses of those that default on construction projects awarded to them should be seized. Every house in the city should have its construction records in the government’s data base in order to effectively plan future rehabilitation if nessecary.

On the issue of poverty and low level of education, the current Buhari led administration have made promises that can truly eradicate these problems if they are fulfilled. The government assures us of job creation for 500,000 school graduates, all to be employed as teachers. Those who are yet to gain employment will get monthly stipends and intensive vocational training in order to become self employed and in turn employ others, consequently reducing unemployment and poverty. I will love the government to add the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme to their plans. This programme should include free education till basic 9, free school meals (whose ingredients should be gotten from farmers domestically and prepared by indigenes to further create
employment), and scholarships. Osun state is the only state in Nigeria that is running such programme, spreading this opportunity to the entire country will not only increase the number of literates, but also groom patriotic citizens. Maximum board prices should also be set on house rentage to avoid exploitation on the part of tenants by house owners. Through this process, poverty will be reduced, education will be affordable for all, the safety of cities and affordable shelter is guaranteed.

Lastly is the issue of IDPs whose only solution points at one
direction; completely eradicating the Boko Haram sect. It is time
Nigerian security system value the intellegence approach, that is –
gathering more of intelligence than going on the offensive. Local
vigilantes should be employed and the military should be well
equipped. The government should legalise open carry of registered
weapons in the north. This in a way will give the inhabitants at least equal chance against the sect members if no security agency are nearby to fend them off. Nigeria should also partner with other member nations of the African Union (AU) to share, gather intelligence, and fight hand in hand against all forms of terrorism. No nation has ever sustained itself without having to silence opposing and dangerous idealism. For Nigeria presently is the Boko Haram menace, only victory will guarantee the nothern settlements sustainability.

In conclusion, the SDG as come to replace the Milleneum Development Goals (MDGs). Although most of the MDGs target were not met, the change agenda of the new administration have added a lot of possitivity to the atmosphere. With the recent announcement of 2016 budget, and the war against corruption ever intense in Nigeria, the SDGs are feasible.

All these put together, I belive that in 15 years to come, Nigerian
cities and human settlements will be safe, resilient, and sustainable.


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