DREADED: the conversation

dreadOh Lassa
is it true you are here to disturb humans
‘cos even with symptoms you are hard to dicipher
and you have left our streets a whole lot messier

Dear doctor
I only take after my mentor
Your immune system is all I wish to toture
Its what we take pride in, us virus

For so long, your species have been our debacle
but the preventive measures are achievable
Like polio, you will be kicked out like a worthless cubicle

Do you not know I have family
Ebola was just the beginning
soon, Zika will come to join me

Then I will call for a massive protest
an acme awareness
against the nemesis of your menace
Together, we will end the essence of your existence

As dreaded as this conversation
never will I acquise to intimidation
Even if it calls for litigation
its my word against yours in the court of imagination


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