aside Jaw War

jaw warWhen the words come
innanimate as it is, life is born
When the intelligent speak
innevitably, the fish brain squeak
When the gods of words collide
intolerable interruptions shall not reside
When it is beyond the writings on the wall
insatiable interest arouse all aroud the hall

Let him know he who missed out
aye, he is out to miss
The good, the bad, the ugly, and el fantastico has come
The knack, the feeling, the enthusiam, and the emotion has gone

A war fought with jaws
A wrath born from words
A wit more than it worths
A treasure not often sought

The gift God gave to you
The tool used by just few
The reason we all stood
The might debaters used

I await its rennaisanse
for the forthcoming chance
I shall also be applauded
for the armoury lethal in my words
I shall be known for one thing
for the war i fought with my jaw.