voiceI stare at the white board on the wall
which stood still and stall
as I try to decipher the scribbled jargons
written by the lecturer teaching a bunch of novice on wagons

like the six thinking hats of Edward de Bono
the white coloured board contain info
A red hat is suddenly tossed towards me
as the academy gave me the riddling puzzle

Professor Ozigizaga requested the yellow and black hat of the subject matter
Observing due protocol, I stood up hanging in a space of matter
The arsenal of my intellect had already lost the grip of its trigger
Just in time, something slipped the blue hat of hope on me which felt somewhat bigger

In a speed of light my head swung backward to ascertain who whispered
The glimpse of the sight showed my course mates clearly pictured
Heads hug low, books faced up, decorum obsereved
It occured everyone as I was, were all dumbfounded

Curiosity made me look back at the devil that stare
the lecture theatre was full of empty chairs
Finally, it beackoned, no one was there
I was labouring a delision of fear

Tick tock tick, the clock sings
less than an hour to the final drills
A stepping stone to failure or grace
its our final assessment, the semester’s examinations

History of education was the new topic of discussion
Exactly 3pm, we were on a hot seat of decision
My brain went back and forth as I reeled through pages of illusion
for the question paper was worth more than what behold all

Our eyes loked down at the word Plato and Socrates
Voies chipped into our heads from anonymous sources
spraying scents of answers as all pen down their knowledge in all its grosses
It came as they come, just that I had another guide, a different voice

The duo are no more, yet they are existing
more than 1400 years ago, their voice is still counting
Our world shaped out of contributions of their positivity
My dream ever is to tilt towards this proximity

They have led well
I shall follow as well
Years after death takes me home
may I be another voice people clinge on for hope


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