aside Rhymes of my bed day

Sorry this came late
but thanks all the way
for those who remember me birthday
but personally it turned out to be a bed day

Lucky me it wasn’t death day
for i won’t be rhymin out today

Yes, joyous, frisky, intoxicating came the news
as i woke up another day of ruse
whose muse muted out me mood
just to discover me age got moved

Yeah, 21 is the number of that endo dude
once stupid, dumb, and crude
whose guiless nude seems a little rude
now time nutures him in an experienced hood

I was sick, weak, powerless still
I lay in a prison of something stronger than steel
I was in the pool of what people call ill
I later realised this had to happen for me to have a refill

A refill, a rethink, a rememberance of the journey of life
as Allah have protected and spared me life
in the midst of ups, downs, and some who had lost thier life
and on that bed, lying still, shivering sick, He wispered the best worship i could do that moment is to give thanks and praises for my life

So i say, alhamdulillah
So i say, thank you to everybody that remember i exist
So i say most especially to those who never knew it was me birthday yesterday, but came en masse to pray for my quick recorvery, who made me really felt it was my birthday….
So i say,…




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