aside Operation reflection

JMownHow it all came to this, i never knew. But reflecting yesteryears i got a glimpse of the super story. As a kid i love animations, it drive me to an extent i always wanna have the pic all the time. Then i started scribbling the pencil on a 2a excersice book, minutes later behold the beauty of imagination. As i grew up, i got addicted to it, this brought upon me a lot of crititisms and discouragement from all angles of my biosphere.
Me started leaving it, until another comicholic dude stired up my inner man in the course of beign friends. That was back in secondary school, in JSS 2 opal. There was the turning point, making a comicon where me class mates ara the majour roles…except them gals, we never get along.
Coming of the advent of supastrikas, a pan african soccer comic lurge my ego. Opal FC became the trade mark i nurse, hoping to get to peaks higher than those of marvel and DC comics. But still no one or little love to familiarise with my idea…still have a long way to go i guess.
4 years after o level i find meself studying educational course rather than art which is my fetish. None the less, a new twist has come to reality. Why don’t i just continue me comic and add some educative spice to it? Did i hear you say coool!…? Yeah, that also bring me to the question…what’s in the name opal fc that made me choose it? Why do i persist doing it when almost nobody care about it? And surely this is where the educational twist come in. What really is opal? I’ll be treatin that opic very soon, just keep your fingers crossed and be sure to click jmown frequently. As for now, you should visit my uther blog…


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