aside DAYDREAMS (the poetry)

Dreams, dreams, dreams

they are like the lights that beams

from a movie that seems real

with its brightness so dim


Enthusiasm slowly builds

into the most feeble minds

whose fire now burns wild

of desires once mild


Dellutions, illutions, hallucinations

is what is held onto in these visions

ignorance of unauthentic evisations

creatd from utter confution


This year is my turn to shine

all good of the world shall be mine

for it’s time to get in front of the line

even without investing a dime

Prejudiced, crude, stupid

is the mode of this thinking

this droll calamity

caused by ere long penury

Results of frustration these are

of the  present administration we have

purporting growth of our mother

whilst demoralizing kins of her

Aye, aye, aye

this is a product of a boring clime

mind not this rhyme of mine

it’s just what i feel at the time




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