Little about me

mjown3.jpgI’m a Nigerian, born in the city of Lagos.
I’m tall, with endomorphic features. Black in complexion.
I grew up in harsh environment of oshodi. A place where electricity is unstable, roads are in deplorable condition, amenities are insufficient, hoodlums trive and non chalant attitude get promoted. But i am lucky to have God fearing family and friends who guided me all through my life till now.
I believe in the monotheism and i testify there is no other diety worthy of worship but Allah and muhammad (saws) is his messenger.
From cradle, i’ve been taught to be humble, loyal, honest, respectful, and to pursue virtues that makes one a better person and to impact posively into the lives of others. Many people say money is what makes one a better person, but i’ve come to realise that putting God first in everything you do makes you gain everything beyond your imagination.
From my philosophy of life, when wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. But when knowledge is lost, all is lost.
I am Mujeeb.