aside Novice in the blogging era

creating a website could be a hectic task for the novice, but for the guru, its like a walk in the park.
I’ve been working on my blog for sometime, but i’m still not able to achieve my target. Maybe because i use my mobile to work on it, or i’m just as novice as the first timers.
I found out about wordpress early this year. I didn’t believe it when it read create a website for free. Step by step i did what the website page advised and there…i was there- a website created by moi.
This will be my third blog this year. The earlier two were deleted permanently. I couldn’t manage them well as i thought. But i’ve syrongly decided, no matter how bad this one goes, i won’t delete it.
If you’re reading this post and you know you can help me on how to make this site better, connect me on my mail, i’ll be grateful.
I’m a very ambitious dude. So i hope to be rich and powerful by a good source and for good purpose and i’m thinking creating a wonderful website is one of the many steps to that dream. Although i’m still novice but little drops of water they say, makes the mighty ocean


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